Thursday, March 17, 2011

I have not been vegan in about a year and a half. At that time, I made a conscious decision to add things back into my diet. When I got pregnant, I rediscovered the joy of ice cream. I realized at some point during my pregnancy whilst enjoying many previously taboo foods that for me, a recovering anorectic, being vegan was just some extension of restrictive, punitive eating. At the heart of being vegan of course is always a compassion and love for all sentient beings, but I cannot lie, that ugliness, that body image impaired, wounded little inner me lorded over the process.

I often mused, one little person, how can I even make a dent in the problem? Yet, I spoke to so many people, inspired minor change amongst friends, students and acquaintances. I can still do that, without being self punitive in respect to my diet.

I suppose as I have finally begun reading the China Study, a book I've had on my list for ages, it re-inspired my belief in a mostly plant based diet. I really believe in the healing properties of local, organic produce. I feel a sense of vitality when I'm eating lets say...85ish (or more) percent plant based.

I think the new focus of this blog will be food and compassion and especially finding balance now that I am a mother to a precious gift of a girl.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

masala what?

I don't know yet...but as I said previously, I was at Penzey's this weekend. I saw the masala and decided I should do something with it.

So far, I fried up some mushrooms in red wine. Then I added about 1 tablespoon of masala. I tossed a little bit of onion powder in there too. I remembered I had a pack of seitan and am now marinating the seitan. was yummy but had no substance so I added a half of a small can of tomato sauce to it and now it's like a redwine-masala gravy. I'm not sure what to do with it from here. Potatoes would be amazing in there but I didn't want all that starch today. It's really hot here.

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soup that is orange

Oh how I love colorful food.

1 yellow squash
2 carrots
1 huge sweet potato
3 T coconut milk
2 T "butter"
dash of Franks
3/4 t cinnamon
1/4 - 1/2 t tumeric
2 T sugar
1 t vanilla

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It was very easy. I boiled a veggie bullion cube in some water. I peeled a squash, a sweet potato and two carrots. I threw them in the water until they were tender. I blended the whole thing. Meanwhile I heated up a little butter with sugar and vanilla. Put it all back into the pan, added a douse of Frank's hot sauce (okay like 3 or 4 generous shakes), around 3 tablespoons of coconut milk (for substance, but it was just fine without) and tumeric. We had gone to Penzey's earlier and I got this amazing cinnamon I wanted to use and it made the soup amazing. Just um...3/4 of a teaspoon did the trick. This soup was even better the next day.

Garnished with the pretty California Paprika and parsley.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

veg potstickers

Now I totally know why they are called potstickers! Ha!

I modded the recipe from:

I used plain ole mushrooms of the button variety. Some cabbage I shredded myself. Carrots. I loved the sesame oil flavor and didn't want to overpower things with cilantro. I clearly did NOT use onions...why??? oh because they are evil and banned from my kitchen (unless you are Jen). I also used fresh garlic, but didn't have fresh ginger so it was the powdery stuff for me.

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It was really fun making these. My kitchen got trashed, but oh! I loved every minute of it. When I finally got it right (with the leftovers the next day) it was soooo worth the wait.

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I served them with a sprinkling of sesame seeds and some spicy red sauce and a drizzle of soy. YUM YUM YUM!! I forgot to get a photo of the end result, so here is some polenta for your viewing pleasure.
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Saturday, August 4, 2007

no soy lasagna

I saw somewhere that someone had used zucchini for noodles in their lasagna. Brilliant!

For me, it's all about the sauce.
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A friend had given me some fresh basil and oregano from her garden. When I was in Italy I could not get over how deliciously simple the tomato-based recipes were. I used extra basil - the other spices, just a dash.

- 2 cloves garlic
- olive oil
- fresh basil
- fresh oregano
- dash of cayenne
- salt, pepper
- water
- onion powder

I fried up the garlic and added the tomato sauce and spices. I let it simmer while I started cutting up the veggies.

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Next I chopped:
- 1 zucchini lengthwise
- mushrooms
- black olives
- some red & orange peppers I had left over
- parsley
- spinach

I placed the zucchini "noodles" in the pan. Added the mushrooms, black olives, red peppers, and sauce. Layered the rest of the zucchini "noodles" with a dash more black olives, spinach, sauce and topped it with a spritz of parsley to make it pretty.

Cooked at 400 for 20 minutes with foil and 10 without.

Voila! I found this to be quite yummier than expected, though it's not the prettiest dish ever.

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oh blueberries

Recently, I went to Michigan with some friends. It was an incredible trip. We took a late night/early morning wine induced romp through the rain and darkness deep into the country. We stopped to eat some blueberries direct.

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The last morning before the return trip, we each picked a bunch. I could not believe how delicious. There were rows of sweet and rows of sweet/sour. Oh so delicious.

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So now I need to figure out what I want to do with them. I froze them because there were just so many.

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I always want to move wherever I travel. Michigan is so beautiful. Quiet country woods, gorgeous beaches and lovely people. We're due to go back for apple picking.

Friday, August 3, 2007

the best ever vegan pizza

I stole this idea from a local restaurant called OR Juice and Smoothie.

What's in it:
- your favorite wrap
- carrot hummus
- a handful each of:
--- lettuce
--- calamata olives
--- cucumber
--- sun dried tomatoes

What I did:
First I made the carrot hummus. I tweaked it to have more citrus and spice. I love what the extra shot of fresh squeezed lemon does for this recipe.

I took a whole wheat wrap and toasted it in the oven until it was crispy enough to sustain the ingredients. Then I spread the hummus on it.

Then I generously sprinkled the toppings. It was delicious--the best one I've made yet. Here's one final close up before this pizza met her delicious demise.